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About Us

Chiropractors Helena, Drs. Jesse and Cristin ScharnweberOur Wellness-Centered Practice

Since 2007, family health and well-being have been the cornerstone of our chiropractic care center in Helena. Cornerstone Wellness Center is passionate about helping people discover the many benefits of optimized health and function through natural therapies and cutting-edge diagnostics. We place a particular emphasis on care plans that feature personalized training and functional fitness.

Our Mission and Hope for You

We believe that the body is naturally self-healing and self-regulating. If it’s free of nerve interference, optimal function is a part of our everyday existence. People tend to blossom and thrive.

It’s our hope that you decide to make advanced chiropractic care the cornerstone of your life as it has for so many thousands before you.

Our Evolving Passion

We know that there are a lot of people out there that are suffering and need help. Our passion has grown for our profession as we see the many lives that are changed once chiropractic care enters the picture. We see patients who can

  • Pick up their children or grandchildren without agonizing back pain
  • Create more lasting bonds with family and friends when they’re able to enjoy sports and outdoor activities again
  • Live without the crippling fatigue that crushes their vitality and enthusiasm

We feel honored and blessed to be a part of so many people that have chosen the chiropractic lifestyle. Whether you’re suffering from pain or want to optimize your athletic performance, we can help. Contact us today; we accept insurance and offer same-day appointments!

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