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Lower Back Pain Specialist

Back pain, especially in the low back, can occur for a variety of reasons, and it can affect day-to-day activities. Dr. Jesse uses chiropractic adjustments to provide effective pain relief for low back pain to patients in Helena, Montana.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

How can chiropractic care relieve back pain?

After a proper diagnosis and possible physical exam has been made to discover the cause of your low back pain, a treatment plan is developed to focus on the area of back pain along with your specific needs. Treatment methods can include spinal adjustments to put the body back into proper balance and alignment to help alleviate low back pain. The adjustments can be used on their own or in combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy or low level laser therapy, to create a well-rounded plan that heals and strengthens the surrounding tissues.

What other treatment options can be used?

Spinal adjustments can be used as the main focus in treating low back pain, and it can be combined with other treatments, such as physical therapy exercises, low lever laser therapy, or electrical stimulation, to create a well-rounded treatment plan. The focus is on healing and strengthening the surrounding tissues while eliminating pain. While the chiropractic adjustments, and other physical forms of treatment, work to put the body back into proper alignment nutritional education can also help to support healing and promote faster recovery. When you supply the body with the nutrients that it needs this will encourage a faster, more efficient healing process for long-lasting wellness.

Can back injuries be prevented?

Back injury, due to overall wear and tear or degeneration, can benefit from nutritional support to help prevent these types of back injury. Lower back injury is one of the most common complaints, and poor lifting habits are the number one contributor to injury in this area. These types of techniques can promote a sudden injury or long-term damage from improper practices. Learning how to lift with the proper form keeps the muscles in the back stabilized which will reduce the risk of strain or injury. In order to lift something heavy with proper technique, always bend at the knees and avoid twisting or moving unnaturally.