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Meet Dr. Cristin Scharnweber

How Chiropractic helped me…

Chiropractor Helena, Dr. Cristin ScharnweberBy age eleven I had already had low back pain, pain in to my left leg, stomach troubles and some headaches. My mom had taken me to 3 different doctors, who by the last one told me to take 3-4 Ibuprofen 3-4x a day for the rest of my life and to come back when I was 40 and had a real problem and he would do surgery then. So, I did what the doctor ordered, I took ibuprofen 3-4x daily and eventually the Ibuprofen stopped working. In the meantime, I was accused at school of being a drug addict because I had pills in my pockets all the time. And my stomach continued to have more problems, because of the ibuprofen.

One day my dad had an ‘ah ha’ moment, he said to me I know what I’m going to do with you, so he loaded me up in the truck and we drove 70 miles to my Dad’s chiropractor. For the first time I slept through the whole night without pain. I loved my chiropractor and how he was able to help my dad so much. We continued going to our family D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) for the next several years on and off. When the pain got bad enough we would head over and repeat the cycle.

Why I became a Chiropractor

I went off to college and continued this method of treatment with my chiropractor in college. I decided to go to chiropractic school to be able to help my family and others the way that Dr. Jeff Brown helped my dad and myself. However, in chiropractic school I ran into a few stumbling blocks… I continued to have problems, not only did I have low back pain, stomach troubles, leg pain, but by now I had mid back pain, neck pain, more headaches, intestinal pain that would double me over, and sinus troubles. The list of symptoms had increasingly grown since I was eleven. Now, a chiropractic student who was getting adjusted based on pain, I was starting to question why I was here and how I was going to be able to help others if I myself wasn’t getting a lot better

Then I met someone who taught me a lot about wellness chiropractic and a better understanding of the chemical, physical, and emotional components (or the 3 T’s: Thoughts Traumas Toxins) that play such a huge role on our bodies. I started getting adjusted nearly every day for 6 weeks….and did I ever start to reap the benefits! After a year of consistent chiropractic care, I was a totally new person. However, on this journey, I had to learn to eat better, to eat to supply my body with energy and not just candy. I also learned how important it was to take my probiotics and fish oil and what effects it had on my stomach and intestinal issues. I had already been consistent with my exercise, so that was the easy part!

Now, nearly 21 years later, I have learned the secrets of health and have a desire to share them with others. Thank you, Dr. Brown, Dr. Chestnut, And Dr. Jesse Scharnweber for showing me the way to health.

My Chiropractic Education

I went to the fountainhead of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic! I am very proud to say I went to where it all began and where D.D. Palmer performed the very first adjustment. Dr. Jeff Brown, my family chiropractor, went to Palmer and that’s where I was going! The education was a very tough program, many hours were spent in the lab and library. The most inspirational teacher I had was at a seminar called Eat well, Think well, Move well, by Dr. James Chestnut. Dr. Chestnut opened my eyes to the research behind the adjustment and the importance of the 3 T’s. He was very instrumental in shaping how I live and practice today.

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